Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage Ocean City, NJ

Many companies have begun to recognize the benefits of bringing massage into the workplace. Employers who offer onsite massage routinely site numerous benefits including: decreased workplace stress, improved morale and comradery, increased productivity.
Still Waters Stress Center offers corporate clients as well as small and medium sized businesses a unique way to recognize and show their appreciation for employees and customers. Feel free to contact us for information about scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly visits and enjoy the benefits of happy and stress free employees.
Corporate Massage is great option for
  • Employee Recognitions
  • Trade Shows
  • Company Picnics
  • Holiday Events
  • Festivals
  • Grand Openings
  • Backstage at Concerts
  • Teacher Appreciations
  • Corporate Meetings
Office Chair Massage | Ocean City, NJ | Still Waters Stress Center
The professional massage therapists at Still Waters Stress Center have worked with local companies to offer on-site employee massage as well as at regional conventions providing complimentary massages. Depending on your needs we can send one or more experienced therapists and massage chairs to your location to help motivate and de-stress your staff.
Contact us today for a customized on-site massage packages.
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