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Massage Services Ocean City, NJ

Our Professional Massage will relax you, loosen tight muscles, increase blood and lymph circulation, reduce mental stress and speed healing from injuries. You will leave feeling rejuvenated. Massage sessions available in 25, 50, & 75 minute sessions. However, if you need more time, please let us know as we are happy to accommodate your request.

Swedish Massage

Relax and enjoy the soothing effects of this wonderfully calming massage that relieves everyday stress and tension while improving circulation, as well as alleviating muscle stiffness and fatigue. 25 minutes-$45,         50 minutes-$85, 75 minutes-$130

Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy a calming massage experience coupled with deep tissue work in areas of stress or injury. This massage offers the best of both worlds 25 minutes-$50, 50 minutes-$100, 75 minutes-$150
Full Body Massage | Ocean City, NJ | Still Waters Stress Center

Deep Tissue Massage

Renew your body with this intense massage. Directed towards deeper tissue structures of the muscles and fascia. It targets aches and pains with more focused techniques to assist your body's natural healing abilities. 25 minutes-$60, 50 minutes-$115, 75 minutes-$175

Prenatal Massage

Nurture yourself and your baby with this soothing, fifty minute, gentle massage that is specifically designed for the special needs of expectant mothers. Circulation, foot swelling, and back tension are improved. 50 minutes-$95

Shiatsu Massage

Experience a sense of relaxation while stimulating blood lymphatic flow and strengthening the body's resistance to disease. This Japanese finger pressure technique utilizes the traditional acupressure points. 25 minutes-$60, 50 minutes-$115, 75 minutes-$175

Reflexology Massage

Unblock stagnant energy in the body by activating the corresponding reflex areas of the feet through this pressure point treatment. 25 minutes-$50, 50 minutes-$85

Chair Massage

Reduce stress with this technique which provides massage, bodywork and somatic therapies in a seated chair position. Shiatsu, Amna and or Swedish movements are utilized (available in the winter time only).  15 minutes-$30, 20 minutes-$40.

Tired Leg & Foot Massage

Gently relieve aches and pains. The feet and legs are gently massaged up to the knee with hot towels applied. This massage pairs nicely with other treatments. 25 min-$35.
Swedish Massage | Ocean City, NJ | Still Waters Stress Center


Choose warming ginger, relaxing lavender, or uplifting sweet orange to complement your massage for an additional $12.
Discover the healing benefits of massage therapy when you contact us at (609) 525-2125 in Ocean City, New Jersey, for an appointment.
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