Nails & Waxing

Nail Care & Waxing Services in Ocean City, New Jersey

Our manicures and pedicures on natural nails will leave your nails healthy and give them a beautiful, professional look.

Basic Pedicure

Improve the health of your nails and feet with this treatment that includes soaking, trimming the nails, cutting of cuticles, and polishing or buffing. $30

Still Waters Ultimate Pedicure

Take pleasure in our fifty minute service has the benefits of a basic pedicure with exfoliation up to the knee, a therapeutic masque, hot towels and an extended foot and leg massage $55.

Basic Manicure

Enjoy our basic manicure which includes soaking, trimming and filing the nails, cutting the cuticles, and polishing or buffing . $15

Still Water's Ultimate Manicure

Indulge in the ultra-relaxing extended manicure that has the benefits of a basic manicure with exfoliation up to the elbow, therapeutic masque, extended hand and arm massage, and hot steam towels. $30

Waxing Services

Unlike shaving, waxing leaves the skin smooth, clear, and clean. Our widely acclaimed waxing technique for men and women uses special European waxing products. Rates are as follows:
  • Lip or Chin—$15
  • Arms—$25
  • Under Arm—$20
  • Bikini—$30
  • Full Leg—$50
  • Eyebrows—$15
  • Back or Chest— $50
  • Half Leg—$25
  • Full Leg & Bikini—$75
  • Half Leg & Bikini—$40
  • Full Face & Eyebrow—$45
  • Back & Chest—$80
  • Shoulder— $30
Basic Manicure | Ocean City, NJ | Still Waters Stress Center
Treat yourself to high-quality nail care or waxing services when you contact our Ocean City, New Jersey, spa for an appointment.
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